VinAsia Che Tao LLC is a USA international trading company in Texas, USA.

We are international trading company in import/export trade consultant for global manufacturers, Overseas Retailers, Distributors and Agents.

We assist manufacturers to promote the sale of their high quality also quantity, meet USA standard. We have very good cooperation with all the TOP manufacturers in Vietnam to produce products to meet the demand not only in the United State but also Europeans countries at competitive prices in the global marketplace; provide profitable export strategies, and develop long-term relationships with foreign buyers, distributors, and agents.

We would be willing to include your products in our list so please contact us for advise and consultation - we would love to hear from you, and allow a worldwide to preview your products.

Are you Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor, or Agent? We would love to hear from you too. We are here to offer you our assistance to contact, purchase, and export all products to your countries.

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